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October   "Vermont Barns"
Richard Gombar
May   "The Landscape"
Arthur Cohen, Francis Cunningham


April   "Provincetown Seascapes"
Arthur Cohen
February   "Farmlands"
Scott Redden


December   "A Few of Our Favorite Things"
Jon Peters, Arthur Cohen, James Cahagan, Duane Keiser, Selina Trieff, Alicia Rothman, Robert Henry, Francis Cunningham, Christine Lafuente, Elwood Howell
November   "Small Worlds"
Duane Keiser, Christine Lafuente, Alicia Rothman
October   "Working in White"
Jon Peters
July   "American Seascapes: Artists at the Shore"
May   "Recent Paintings"
Mitchell Johnson
March - April   "Exploring the Still Life"
Francis Cunningham
January   "Art for the Arts"
Arthur Cohen, Francis Cunningham, Mitchell Johnson, James Gahagan, Ephraim Rubenstein, Duane Keiser, Robert Henry, Elwood Howell, Derek Buckner, Lucy Kalian, Richard Kooyman


December   "Small Works"
Scott Redden, Alicia Rothman, Elwood Howell, Valerie Mendelson, Derek Buckner, Jon Peters, Selina Trieff, Arthur Cohen
November   "Recent Paintings"
Duane Keiser, Ephraim Rubenstein, Francis Cunningham, George Wingate
October   "The Landscape"
Derek Buckner, Richard Kooyman
September   "Sculpture"
Michael Malpass
July   "Provincetown Painters"
Arthur Cohen, James Gahagan, Robert Henry, Selina Trieff
June   "Shore Scenes"
Derek Buckner, Elwood Howell, Hannah Achtenberg, Jon Peters
April   "Pink"
Duane Keiser, James Gahagan, Jon Peters, Doug Ohlson
February   "Premier Coup"
Francis Cunningham
January   "Art For the Arts"
Lucy Kalian, Jon Peters, Evelyn Leavens, Scott Redden


December   "Holiday Open House"
Duane Keiser, Jon Peters, Scott Redden, Alicia Rothman, Judi Tavill, Selina Trieff
November   "Recent Paintings"
Elwood Howell
September   "Landscapes"
Valerie Mendelson
July   "Recent Paintings"
Francis Cunningham, Duane Keiser, Valerie Mendelson, Jon Peters, Ephraim Rubenstein
June   "50s and 60s"
Robert Henry
May   "Sighting Sardinia"
Doug Ohlson
March   "A Generalist Painter"
Francis Cunningham
February   "Dealer's Choice"
Alicia Rothman, Judi Tavill


December   "Seasons Greetings"
Alicia Rothman, Judi Tavill
November   "Still Life"
Duane Keiser, Ephraim Rubenstein, Francis Cunningham, Valerie Mendelson
October   "Four Seasons In Vermont"
James Gahagan
August   "New Works"
Derek Buckner
July   "Summer Fun"
Jon Peters, Scott Redden
May   "From the Beginning"
Robert Henry
April   "Lessons from Things"
Ephraim Rubenstein
March   "Jon Peters: Recent Works"
Jon Peters


December   "ACA: Holiday Selections Show"
Eleanor Schimmel, Alicia Rothman, Natalie Baker, others...
November   "Out East"
Derek Buckner, Elwood Howell
September   "From Israel To Iceland"
Francis Cunningham
July-August   "Five Years Five Artists Five Decades"
Natalie Baker, James Gahagan, Robert Henry, Michael Malpass, Larry Zox
May   "Golden Summer"
James Gahagan
April   "Summer In the Berkshires"
Francis Cunningham
February   "Bread and Fruit"
Ephraim Rubenstein, Francis Cunningham, Duane Keiser


November   "Flowers"
Valerie Mendelson
October   "Recent Landscape Paintings"
Derek Buckner, Duane Keiser, Ephraim Rubenstein, Francis Cunningham
September   "Eastern Landscapes"
Hannah Achtenberg
July   "Trees and the Sea"
Elwood Howell
June   "Dealer's Choice"
Francis Cunningham
May   "Dog Portraits"
Deborah Brown
March-April   "Interiors"
Duane Keiser


October-November   "Works From Four Series"
Ephraim Rubenstein
July-August   "Paper and Steel"
Michael Malpass, Jon Peters, Gary Komarin
May-June   "Big Sky Country"
Scott Redden
April-May   "Recent Paintings"
Group Show
March-April   "Two Decades of Encaustics"
Rachel Friedberg
February-March   "Forty Years of Painting"
Francis Cunningham


November-December   "Gravity and Grace"
Makoto Fujimura
October-November   "The Horse Drawings"
Tim Hawkesworth
September   "Portraits"
Don Bonham
March-April   "Concentricities"
Eleanor Schimmel
February-March   "Cuts"
Jon Peters


October   "Landscapes"
Francis Cunningham
July-August   "Summer Sculpture Series"
Michael Malpass, Don Bonham, Jon Peters, Don Harger
May-June   "Child's Play"
Dee Jenkins
March-April   "Drawn From His Sphere"
Michael Malpass


October-November   "Clamour and Silence"
Fred Duignan, Jon Peters