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Robert Henry

50s and 60s

June 16, 2006 through July 1, 2006


Saturday, June 17th 4:00 - 7:00 PM

Untitled #3 (1960)
oil on linen
26 x 21

"For my second exhibition at the Laurel Tracey Gallery I will be showing abstract expressionist paintings done in the 1950's and 60's.

These were decades of energy and hope. Painting was an exciting art form. American artists were being recognized for their unique contributions. I was following in the steps of my teacher, Hans Hofmann, whose book, Search for the Real, proposed that the act of painting was inherently meaningful.

These paintings were done directly, without preconception. The painting was found in the act of painting through the use of paint, color and composition. The idea is to create light through color and by using paint to realize a world on a grand scale. This was often done by painting on a very large canvas, but also by composing with energy and a feeling for the laws of composition to create the illusion of bigness on a smaller canvas.

In those days we believed that painting did not illustrate a scene but, rather, created its own world. To say that we were trying to paint the universe would not be too far from the fact.

The earliest of the paintings in the show which was executed in 1955 was in my first show, in the Tenth Street era at the James Gallery in 1956, which was reviewed by Stuart Preston in the New York Times.

Looking at these paintings today I am impressed with their freshness, vitality and quality. It is my pleasure to present them again."

- Robert Henry

Cottage (1955)
oil on linen
24" x 18"

Untitled (1960)
oil on canvas
25" x 23"


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